AOK guarantees the protection of your personal data

Privacy Policy

The AOK protects personal data and informs those who provide data to the AOK, which data it archives and how this data is used. The AOK is in full compliance with the statutory data privacy provisions.

It is important to us to ensure that you are at all times aware of when we store which data and for which purposes this data is used. Consequently, every data entry form also contains a concrete data privacy disclosure as well as the option to revoke your consent to the use of your data.

Whenever you access our online information (website), your browser automatically sends data to our web server, specifically

  • The date and time you access the site,
  • Downloaded files,
  • The Internet address of the website you were linked from,
  • The type of browser, language and version,
  • Your operating system.

The data collected at this time is analyzed for statistical purpose and for the optimization of our website. It is subsequently deleted unless otherwise mandated by applicable laws

Location Data

I some areas offers the option to provide location contingent information, services and promotions (so-called location-based services). These include for instance local or regional news from your neighborhood. Furthermore, it is possible to use location-based data for statistical purposes. We will never determine your location in the absence of your consent. Before you can use location-based content or services for the first time within, your mobile device will ask for your permission. If you do not grant permission, we will not process any location-based data.  In this case, please understand that we will not be able to offer the location-based service as a result. However, if you give us permission, your mobile devices will generate information about your location from various sources (GSM cell, GPS location, surrounding WLAN networks, etc.) and will transmit it to us. From the data transmitted by your mobile device, we will determine the location of your mobile device through a geo location service, which is comprised of the longitudinal and latitudinal interface on the globe. does not archive you location data permanently, but only for the time period required to process the location-based content or service request. You have the option to revoke your consent to the processing of location-based information at any time via your mobile browser settings.

Use of Cookies

The AOK uses a technology known under the name “Cookies.” Cookies are small files that are stored on your PC. Two types of cookies are being used: So-called session cookies (referring to one specific session) and permanent cookies. The general session cookies do not contain any personal data and expire once the session has ended. They are used to manage the connection and the navigation and allow you to use the conveniences of our website.
The AOK archives cookies used for web analysis for statistical purposes and analyzes them only in conjunction with the optimization of the online offers. After 24 months, these cookies expire automatically unless you revisit the AOK website during this time period.
These cookies are accessed when you come back to the respective AOK website. The cookies that are archived on your computer also just contain an identification number and no personal information. They are not used to personally identify visitors to the AOK website.
You can change the settings on your browser to prevent the storage of cookies. For detailed information concerning these functions, please check the documentation or help file of your browser. Please keep in mind that prohibiting the use of cookies will result in you being able to use some websites or parts thereof only subject to restrictions or not at all.

Data Security and Encryption  

Whenever you are asked to enter your personal data, your data will be protected through SSL encryption for its transmission via the Internet to ensure that unauthorized parties cannot read it.

Social Media

For the use of social media services offered by various companies, we will provide you with social media plug-ins. They are integrated into the AOK online websites through a 2-click-process. The AOK does not collect any personal data or its use via social media plug-ins. However, it is possible for data to be sent to the service providers in the U.S. via these plug-ins, so that they may also be used by them. The process we use ensures that initially no personal data is sent to the providers of the individual social media plug-ins when you are using our websites. Data cannot be transferred to these service providers and stored or processed by them until you click on one of the social media plug-ins.

Authorizations within Apps

The AOK offers its plan members a wide variety of apps for their use. To find out how to access and which authorizations are required for the operation of an app, please check the information provided in the respective app store (e.g. under “Authorizations”).

Web Analysis

The AOK uses standard market technology to develop its online presence in such a manner that it accommodates your habits. The AOK and its cooperative partners use the Adobe SiteCatalyst from Adobe Systems Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as “Adobe”) for the compilation of web statistics. The AOK uses this service to collect anonymous data to determine, which segments and articles on its websites attract more readers than others and to find out how you like the navigation tool.
This anonymous data includes information about links to the AOK websites (referrer links), browsers, operating systems, screen resolution, plug-ins, language settings, cookie settings, date, downloaded files and search engine terms. Moreover, the system also registers the number of visits, the visitors, the visited pages and the time spent on the website and its pages. Adobe shares this information with the AOK only in its consolidated and anonymous format, which presents insights into the general use of the AOK websites. Anonymous data means that this data is not personal and does not allow any links to individuals.
The data is not used in any other way and is not shared with any third parties.
If you want to prevent the AOK from receiving this information in the future, you may object to the inclusion of your data in the web analysis activities. To do please click here: exclude from tracking by Adobe SiteCatalyst.

If you would like to learn more about Adobe’s Data Privacy Policies or if you would like to send an objection notice directly to Adobe please click here.

In both cases, activating your objection will result in the placement of a persistent permanent (objection) cookie on your computer. However, the cookie will not prevent the sending of further data to Adobe, but will only ensure that the transferred data will no longer be used for web analysis processes by Adobe. However, the deletion of this (objection) cookie on your browser or using computer cleanup programs, will render the objection you have raised null and void every time.

Liability for Content and Information

The online information provided by the AOK contains links to other sites on the Internet, e.g. those of cooperative partners. This external (third party) content was verified for any violations of civil or criminal law at the time the link was set. However, it cannot be ruled out that these contents were retroactively amended by the respective providers. If you should arrive at the conclusion that linked external sites are in violation of applicable laws or contain any other inappropriate information, please let us know. We will check into your grievance and if necessary, will remove the external link immediately. Hence, the AOK does not assume liability for the content and availability of linked external websites.

Please keep in mind that this Data Privacy Policy applies only to AOK websites. Linked external websites may be subject to different data privacy and data security provisions. Section “Information Required by Law” discloses who is responsible for the respective website and its content.

Privacy Policy Queries

Declaration of consent for the use of social media plug-ins

You want to use an expansion module (a social plug-in) offered by a social network provider (SN). By using a social plug-in, data will be transferred to the SN's server including your IP address, the URLs of the pages you visit and other information.
The data transfer will occur even if you are not registered with the SN. Under certain circumstances, different bits of collected data can be linked together at a later stage e.g. when you register with the SN once again in the future.

The transfer of data is also possible if you do not click on the social plug-in.

AOK has no influence on what data is transmitted and how the SN operators treat the data received by them. For more information on data protection please refer to the Privacy Statement by the respective plug-in provider.

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Your consent for the use of social plug-ins is voluntary. Of course, you can use the AOK websites even if you refuse to give this consent or do not activate a social plug-in. You will experience no disadvantages or restrictions in terms of usage of our website when you decide not to activate these features.

I understood this statement on data usage in case of activation of a social plug-in and do hereby declare my consent.