AOK-insured: Optimum care

The best full protection

The AOK is more than just a health insurance company. We see ourselves as a modern service provider, who offers you the security of comprehensive health care protection. Furthermore, the AOK provides an optimum service on all issues regarding the topic health. Many people trust the AOK: They value the protection of the large insured community and the competence of the health insurance company. And they benefit from the diverse range of prevention and health care offers alongside the classic services of a statutory health care insurance. The AOK offers service at reasonable contribution rates. You can use the diverse services from the first day of membership.

Patients have the choice in Germany: Every person insured with the AOK has the right to freely select the doctor they trust, if this doctor is licensed to provide medical care as part of a statutory health insurance.

It is absolutely irrelevant, if you have a medical history, have had surgery or are receiving medical care at present. There is also no medical check-up and no risk surcharges.