Medical treatment

In Germany both general practitioners and specialists are available to provide medical treatment. As a person insured with the AOK, you may select your doctor freely.

Sometimes it can’t be prevented: Treatment in a hospital may become necessary in case of severe illness or an accident.

Your doctor will prescribe any medication that is required for your treatment. He knows best which active ingredients are right for you.

In Germany employees have financial security when they fall ill. Your employer will continue to pay your wage for up to six weeks.

Employees enjoy special protection in Germany. This means that you are insured against accidents and occupational illnesses through your employer when you are at work and on the way to and from work.

Regular dental check-ups at the dentist’s can help avoid a lot of toothache.

The AOK is interested in and committed to the health of the whole family. You and your family have all round health insurance.

When the birth of a child is announced, it turns the lives of the couple upside down at first. There are lots of new challenges to meet.

You can do a lot for your health: You don’t have to wait on a medical condition before doing something actively. Many illnesses can be discovered by early diagnosis check-ups, before there are any physical signs or any discomfort is felt.