At the dentist

Dental care

Regular dental check-ups at the dentist’s can help avoid a lot of toothache. The AOK pay for these check-ups – simply present your AOK health card.

Children from 6 to 17 years of age should have a check-up twice a year, adults at least once a year.

Dental treatment

Unlike in Britain, where you have to pay substantial contributions for any form of dental treatment, the AOK pays when your teeth need drilling and filling. That applies to the standard filling materials. For example, composite fillings that are prepared according to your specifications are not part of the standard treatment. You will be charged for these additional costs privately.

Dental prosthesis

You receive a specific allowance for crowns, bridges and prostheses, which is based on the findings. The fixed allowances are stated in guidelines and are the same for all health care insurances. This means: All insured people receive the same reimbursement from their health insurance company for the same diagnosis.  As a rule, the allowances cover 60 percent of the medically necessary treatment. The individual allowance increases if teeth are regularly checked and maintained. The remaining amount is paid by the insured person. If a higher quality treatment is desired and received, for example an implant instead of a bridge, then the allowance is only paid for the standard treatment.

Bonus regulations for dental prosthesis

If you go to the dentist’s regularly, you are doing your teeth a great favour and ensuring that you receive the AOK bonus for dental prosthesis. The fixed allowance increases to 70 or 75 percent for regularly performed and proven preventive examinations.This reduces the share you have to pay.

So please remember to have your regular check-ups documented in your bonus booklet. You receive your bonus booklet on your first visit to the dentist in Germany. This will earn you a higher allowance should a dental prosthesis become necessary.

Dental early diagnosis check-ups for children

Children’s teeth need care! The AOK makes sure that any dental, oral and orthodontic diseases are discovered early on: with the dental early diagnosis check-ups. Your child receives a total of six check-ups between the ages of six months and six years.

There is a complete prophylaxis program for children and youths. The costs are paid by the AOK until the child is 18 years of age. Children and youths also have the possibility to learn and practise how to clean their teeth properly. It is especially important that the chewing areas of the back molars are sealed with a composite as soon as they have appeared. This protects the teeth from decay. The AOK also carries all the costs here.