The AOK is interested in and committed to the health of the whole family. With the AOK both you and your family have all-round health insurance.

Domestic help

A hospital stay or any other necessary medical treatment often deeply affects the daily life of the sick person and his family. Lots of things have to be reorganised and sometimes it just cannot be done with your own means. The AOK can assist you here and pay for a domestic help. Let your personal contact person in your AOK branch advise you.

Hospital stay with the parents

A hospital stay is often upsetting – no less for children than for their parents. Especially children do not understand why they are away from home and must stay in strange surroundings. Then it can be a great help, if mum or dad can accompany them.

Today it goes without saying that the parents can stay close to their children during a hospital stay. If the doctor certifies that the mother or father should accompany the child, then the AOK will also pay the costs for this person.

Children sick pay

If your child is sick, you have to reorganise a lot of things to keep things running. That is not always easy. If it is necessary that one working parent stays at home to look after the child then that parent is entitled to children’s sick pay. The paediatrician treating the child must certify that the child requires care and support and for how long. Hand the doctor’s certificate in at your AOK. Your personal consultant will provide further advice.

Information for families

Pregnancy, birth, baby and toddler, the kindergarten and school phases up to puberty - parents are faced with new issues and unexpected challenges during each of these phases. The AOK supports parents during all these times and assists and advises them along the way. Ask us if you have any questions regarding health care insurance for the family or require information on children’s health and healthy development. Our AOK experts are glad to help you at your branch.