Prevention and health

You can do a lot for your health: You don't have to wait on a medical condition before doing something actively. Many illnesses can be discovered by early diagnostic check-ups, before there are any physical signs or any discomfort is felt. This often means faster and gentler treatment and also a complete recovery. In addition, the AOK also support you with measures that promote your health and prevent or delay illnesses.

The AOK offers you a preventive healthcare app in which you can switch between the German, English and Turkish languages. An integrated medical dictionary translates medical terms in 20 different languages, making it much easier for you to talk to your doctor.

Whether vaccinations, annual dental check-ups, ante-natal care, cancer prevention or paediatric check-ups everyone insured with the AOK is entitled to various preventive healthcare services. The free AOK preventive healthcare app provides an overview of them all. Coordinate your family’s doctor’s appointments and medical check-ups by setting up profiles for yourself, your parents, grandparents or children. The AOK preventive healthcare app will remind you of imminent doctor’s appointments and check-ups.  

The AOK app “AOK-Vorsorge/Preventive Healthcare/ Sağlık hizmeti” can be downloaded free of charge from the Android Store Market and the iTunes Store [Verlinkung: ].  

Health courses

Improve your health and well-being, for example with a balanced diet, regular exercise and relaxation. A fresh start into a healthy lifestyle is often easier with our individual offers and programs. That is why the AOK also pays part of the costs for recognised illness prevention courses.


Vaccinations are important and accordingly are part of the prophylaxis offer of the AOK. They offer protection against many serious illnesses. That is why the AOK covers the costs for the recommended and medically advisable vaccinations.

Cancer screening

Many types of cancer can be healed today if they are diagnosed early on. That is why the AOK offers you various early diagnosis check-ups for cancer.

Dental prophylaxis

If you go to the dentist’s regularly, you are doing your teeth a great favour and ensuring that you receive the AOK bonus for dental prosthesis. Should you one day require dental prosthesis you will receive a higher allowance from the AOK: And don’t forget: You can avoid tooth decay and other dental illnesses by cleaning your teeth regularly and eating healthily.

We also make sure that children’s teeth do not get caries: with six check-ups (FU 1, FU Pr, FU 2, FLA) from the time your child is six months to when it is six years old. If the dentist discovers that your child is especially susceptible to caries, then two additional fluoride varnish treatments can be performed within a year when the child is six months old.

Early diagnosis for children and adolescents

Your child’s health is at the focus from birth. With eleven early diagnostic check-ups (U1 – J) the AOK supports you and helps ensure the healthy development of your child appropriate to its age. The first two early diagnostic check-ups for newly born babies are usually performed directly in the hospital. The paediatrician performs all the other check-ups.

Check-up 35

When you are 35 or over you have the possibility to have a free health check-up at the doctor’s. Even if you feel healthy and fit, you should have the Check-up 35 every three years since the doctor can detect possible changes in the body early on with the regular checks. The focus is on heart, cardio-vascular and kidney diseases including diabetes.