Become a member

Become an AOK member in three steps

  1. You can fill out your application for membership yourself, via the online form.
  2. Then download the form and print it out. Additional content can be added by hand if required.
  3. Please return us this form, signed, to us by post or fax. An AOK branch will contact you shortly.

I have been made aware of my rights to choose and I have selected AOK – Die Gesundheitskasse as my future health insurance provider. I apply for membership from

and authorise AOK to inform my employer / the obligatory reporting body as appropriate and to issue a membership certificate in accordance with § 175 of Volume V of the German Social Insurance Code (SGB V).

Personal information
(required for pensioners otherwise national insurance number)
Information on employment circumstances
Information about most recent insurance arrangements
If applicable:
Information about the prior insurance period
Family insurance
Data protection notice