Are there regional differences in medical care in Germany?

There are no regional differences in medical care in Germany. Every insured person is entitled to all medically necessary services. Access to medical care is the same in all regions. There are differences between the individual health care insurances beyond the statutory service catalogue. Here the AOKs offer you advantages.

How does outpatient medical care work?

People insured with the AOK have greater freedom when choosing a doctor or hospital than in the British healthcare system.. Furthermore, the ambulant medical care through the family doctor or specialist is mainly performed in individual or shared practices.

What do I have to pay on top of my health care insurance contribution for medical services on Germany?

As in Britain, supplementary payments must be paid directly when certain services are used.

Does my family have to pay contributions for the statutory health care insurance?

Although the statutory health care insurance is financed through contributions, marriage Partners, life partners and children do not have to pay their own contributions and still enjoy full coverage under certain conditions. Families are very well protected against the risk of illnesses in Germany.

What services do I receive for visual aids (e.g. glasses)?

As in Britain, the claim to assistance with respect to charges for glasses and contact lenses is limited to specific groups of children: in Germany these are children, young persons up to 18 years of age and severely visually impaired persons

What happens if I become unemployed?

In Germany employees and apprentices are, as a rule, insured in the statutory health care insurance. This is a compulsory insurance. The aim is to maintain social security after losing a job or during a longer period of looking for a job on the labour market. It is financed by the contributions of the employers and insured persons. More information on the topic here.

Am I insured outside of Germany?

Your medical care as an outpatient and in-patient in case of an unexpected illness is covered by the AOK under certain conditions within the entire EU as well as in Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. Details on this can be found here.

Who do I contact in case of a medical emergency?

You can reach emergency services by calling 112. In Germany it should not take longer than eight to 17 minutes (in rural areas) from the time your telephone emergency call was received until the paramedics arrive at the scene. The rescue and medical operations are paid for in full by your health care insurance. You must merely pay a small amount of 5 - 10 euros yourself. In the event of an acutely life-threatening illness, e.g. if your GP cannot be reached, emergency medical services (telephone number 116 117) will organise medical care.

Am I also insured for long-term nursing care in Germany?

The risk of needing nursing care is covered by a separate social insurance in Germany. The nursing care insurances are responsible for the nursing care insurance and are assigned to the health care insurance companies. The task of the nursing care insurances is to secure the nursing care of the insured by providing services (nursing care, nursing allowance, nursing materials) for home, day-care or full-time nursing home care. In 2021, nursing care insurance contributions are 3.05 percent of the insured’s gross salary. People over 23, who have no children, pay an extra 0.25 percent.