Good reasons for the AOK

A strong community

For over 130 years the AOK has stood for reliable service and comprehensive health care as one of the largest health insurances in Germany. The AOK looks after over 25 million people - almost one third of the population in Germany. That means for you: optimum insurance at reasonable premium rates.

Always where you are

Employees guarantee an efficient service in 1,200 branches near you. Because in the end questions can be answered more precisely during a personal talk.

You can also simply call us up or send us an email. By telephone and online, the AOK is available to its members 24-hours a day.

Full protection in all areas

From top to toe: Discover the first class services of your AOK and enjoy the security of full health care protection. This includes covering the costs of treatment and hospital stays, surcharges for medication and bandages and dressings, psychotherapy and much more for top-level safety and security.

High standard health care

Maintaining your health is important to us. Not always do we notice the signs of an illness ourselves. We offer various early diagnostic check-ups so that illnesses are discovered before they cause discomfort. This often means faster and gentler treatment and also a complete recovery.

Focus on the family

The AOK is there for the whole family: You can insure individual family members or the entire family for no extra contribution with us. Children are co-insured at the AOK until they turn 18 and under certain other circumstances. Spouses or life partners enjoy the same protection, if they have no or only a low income of their own. Relatives, who live abroad, can also be co-insured under certain conditions. For more information click here.