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Foreign Office

The Foreign Office is responsible for foreign and European affairs in Germany. Here you can find information on visa requirements, a list of countries with a visa requirement for entering Germany as well as application forms for downloading.

Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees

The Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees has compiled a list of important information about social security and access to the labour market.

Recognition of profes­sional qualifi­ca­tions in Germany

Here you can find information on recognition of your certificates.

Federal Agency

The Federal Agency provides information on immigrating to Germany.

EU-immi­gra­tion portal

Employees that wish to immigrate to the European Union can find useful information here.

EURES – the EU’s job mobility portal

EURES (European Employment Services) is a cooperative network that aims to promote the mobility of employees in the European Economic Area. Its members include public employment agencies, trade unions and employer associations. The network is coordinated by the European Commission. You can get English-language information and advice about job opportunities and living/working conditions in the European Economic Area here.  

Qualified professionals campaign

The federal ministries for "Economy and Energy" and "Employment and Social Affairs" have developed a Welcome Portal for immigrants in cooperation with the “Bundesagentur für Arbeit” (Federal Employment Agency). Here you can find important information on social security.

Adult Education Centres

The VHS (adult education centres) offer language and integration courses that are subsidised by the government.

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