Contribution rates

Applicable for AOK-insured employees also in 2019, is an unchanged general contribution rate of 14.6 percent, plus a small, health insurance company individually based additional contribution. In the case of the employees, the gross pay is used to calculate the contribution. However, there is an annual upper limit, the so-called contribution assessment ceiling. No further health insurance contributions will otherwise be deducted from pay. In 2019, this limit is 54,450 Euro. The special feature: In Germany the employer and the employee split the amount. The employer’s share is 7.3 percent, and the employer also pays half of the additional contribution.

Self-employed people pay a reduced rate of 14 percent – plus a small, health insurance company individually based additional contribution – if they select a health insurance scheme that does not include a sickness allowance.

Declaration of consent for the use of social media plug-ins

You want to use an expansion module (a social plug-in) offered by a social network provider (SN). By using a social plug-in, data will be transferred to the SN's server including your IP address, the URLs of the pages you visit and other information.
The data transfer will occur even if you are not registered with the SN. Under certain circumstances, different bits of collected data can be linked together at a later stage e.g. when you register with the SN once again in the future.

The transfer of data is also possible if you do not click on the social plug-in.

AOK has no influence on what data is transmitted and how the SN operators treat the data received by them. For more information on data protection please refer to the Privacy Statement by the respective plug-in provider.

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Your consent for the use of social plug-ins is voluntary. Of course, you can use the AOK websites even if you refuse to give this consent or do not activate a social plug-in. You will experience no disadvantages or restrictions in terms of usage of our website when you decide not to activate these features.

I understood this statement on data usage in case of activation of a social plug-in and do hereby declare my consent.