Health insurance in Germany

Our company is characterised by a principle that is stated in the European social charter [community charter of the fundamental social rights of workers]: It enables all citizens of the signatory States access to comprehensive health care - independent of income and state of health. In order to live up to this principle, the health care systems in the EU are to a large extent publicly funded.

The German health care system has the following outstanding features compared internationally: Nowhere else in Europe is there a dual system of private (PHI) and statutory health insurance (SHI). One can in essence only find a structured SHI system with free choice of health insurance company (right to freely select the health insurance company) in the Netherlands and Switzerland. In this respect, the German health system differs from the tax-financed state health system in Britain, which provides the population access to health services that are largely free of charge. According to the World Health Organisation, healthcare expenditure in Britain amounts to 9.8 percent of the country’s gross domestic product (2016), which is lower than Germany (11.1 percent of GDP). Private healthcare expenditure in Britain is at the same moderate level as in Germany. The statutory health insurance plays a dominant role in the German health care system: Some 90 percent of the population are insured through the SHI.

For 125 years the AOK has stood for reliable service and comprehensive health care as one of the largest health insurances in Germany.

The AOK looks after over 25 million people - almost one third of the population in Germany. Around 61,000 employees guarantee an efficient service in 1,380 branches. With about 35 percent market share, the AOK is one of the largest health insurance companies in the statutory health insurance.

And: The AOK is more than a health insurance company. It guarantees optimum health care in case of illness and provisions comprehensive offers with regard to prevention.

For the insured this means: optimum insurance at reasonable premium rates.

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