Family members

In Germany, the marriage partner and children can also be insured (dependent coverage) over the member without any contribution being due, as long as the domicile or usual place of residence of these relatives is in Germany. They must also not be insured themselves and are not full-time freelancers. Their own monthly income may also not exceed 445 EUR (2019). Should a family member have a so-called mini-job, the income limit is 450 EUR (2019) per month. Furthermore, spouses can only claim dependent coverage, if they can prove that they are legally married to the member according to German law. The same also applies to registered same-sex partnerships. There are age limits for co-insured children.

The AOK is there for the whole family: All co-insured family members receive their own AOK health card, which must be presented in doctor's offices and hospitals. The costs can then be directly settled with the AOK.

Spouses and children, who live abroad, can also be co-insured free of charge under certain conditions. The AOK will gladly provide advice in this case.

The AOK checks that the conditions still apply once a year so that your family can benefit from the free dependent coverage without restrictions. However: To maintain the insurance coverage, please inform us immediately of any changes in your family, for example about the birth of a child.

Declaration of consent for the use of social media plug-ins

You want to use an expansion module (a social plug-in) offered by a social network provider (SN). By using a social plug-in, data will be transferred to the SN's server including your IP address, the URLs of the pages you visit and other information.
The data transfer will occur even if you are not registered with the SN. Under certain circumstances, different bits of collected data can be linked together at a later stage e.g. when you register with the SN once again in the future.

The transfer of data is also possible if you do not click on the social plug-in.

AOK has no influence on what data is transmitted and how the SN operators treat the data received by them. For more information on data protection please refer to the Privacy Statement by the respective plug-in provider.

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Your consent for the use of social plug-ins is voluntary. Of course, you can use the AOK websites even if you refuse to give this consent or do not activate a social plug-in. You will experience no disadvantages or restrictions in terms of usage of our website when you decide not to activate these features.

I understood this statement on data usage in case of activation of a social plug-in and do hereby declare my consent.